Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Early morning

Its been a while since I wrote the last entry. But, fuck it. Like anyone cares.

I tag along with people because I do like peoples. I love animals too but I just couldn't talk to them can I? I'm not that type who wear pink tube with LV tote bag, walking like stupid primadona with red lips. It just me and it will be me and I don't think to impress other people.

The concept of life is "I do, I say what I feel without you being my Tinkerbell". When someone judge me, I'll say "Thank you for being an unpaid judge and fuck off from my short life". I'm not celebrity and I'm not Britney fucking Spears. So stop kissing my ass because you are annoy me.

You don't have to tell me how rockin-head you are because it doesn't make me wanna kiss you. You should be proud with your dress like the first time I know you and you don't have to change that because I'm not. You have nice car, but I don't. You have bunch of shoes, I got none. I have nothing and all I want is treat me like normal, not like a fucking star. By the way thank you for the Kurt's bio book and I appreciate it.