Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thanx Sharifah Mahani!

Sometime I remember when I used to be that little kid. Simple, nice and nothing to worry. There are so many people around with love, and to be loved.

One day I woke up as usual, took my bath and get ready for school. Monday blues. I'm not trying to exaggerate but its true, I always feel sick on Monday. Only god knows. That time, my mum used to comb my hair and tied it nicely. She always said "Nanti dekat sekolah, Lynn jangan bukak tau. Nanti mama takde nak tolong ikatkan". Geez.. It was so depressing isn't it?

So I took my comb and ran downstairs. But I cant find her that morning in dining hall. Then I checked her in her room. I saw my dad and I asked him. "Mana mama?". My dad said nothing. I looked at him with the comb in my hand. My dad said to me, "Lynn, change your cloth. We are going to hospital".

I was 7 year old back then when my mom died. I really felt nothing and all I remembered is my mom's white face. Then I learned something, there is no eternal love in this world.

I love you ma,
I really do..

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